Useful information

Weight calculation for taxation

Carriage by Road:

1 m3 = 333 kg

1 loading meter = 1,750 kg

1 EUR PLL = 740 kg

1 EUR PLL = 0.4 loading meters

1 FIN PLL = 1,000 kg

1 FIN PLL = 0.5 loading meters

Carriage by Air:

1 m3 in aviation equals ~ 167 kg, and the weight of the volume can be calculated using the following formula: box height * width / 6,000

1 loading meter = 1,750 kg. Cost of air freight is calculated on the basis of the parameters that are higher (volume weight or gross weight)

For Container Carriage (LCL):

1 m3 = 1,000 kg

Costs for shipment by sea are calculated on the basis of the parameters that are higher (volume weight or gross weight)

Delivery Conditions

Incoterms (International Commercial terms) – international regulations for use of commercial terms, issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Incoterms – a good tool for establishment of the obligations and liability of the parties in agreements on delivery of goods.

The Incoterms minimise or exclude the probability of disagreement based on different interpretations of terms and concepts in various countries and include the rights and obligations of the parties in trade agreements, in the part of conditions of carriage. They explain which party is obliged to take care of carriage, insurance in deliveries of goods to the buyer by the seller, and who is responsible for the expenses.

Below is the full listing of the Incoterms 2010 terms:

Group E – Dispatch

  • EXW – ex works (named place)

Group F – main carriage not paid

  • FCA – free carrier (named place)
  • FAS – free alongside ship (named port of loading)
  • FOB – freight on board (named port of loading)

Group C – main carriage paid

  • CFR – cost and freight (named port of destination)
  • CIF – cost, insurance and freight (named port of destination)
  • CPT – carriage paid to (named port of destination)
  • CIP – carriage and insurance paid to (named port of destination)

Group D – Arrival

  • DAT – delivered at terminal (named destination terminal)
  • DAP – delivered at point (named destination point)
  • DDP – delivered duty paid (named destination point)

Trailer and Container Specifics


Tented trailer
Length, mWidth, mHeight, mCapacity, m3
13.202.42 - 2.452.4979.54 - 80.53
13.602.47 - 2.522.6789.69 - 91.51
Refrigerated Trailer
Length, mWidth, mHeight, mCapacity, m3


Weights, kgInternal dimensions, mDoor opening, м