We offer customs broker services necessary in export and import transactions, including services related to certification, forwarding, local carriage, cargo storage, and representation of the Customer’s interests in the customs and other national authorities.

Warehousing Services

We own class A covered warehouses/storages with total area 16,000 square meters. There is a cargo handling ramp at the warehouse which assures simultaneous loading and unloading of six wagons. The length of the railway track allows to accommodate 21 wagons in the territory of the warehouse complex. The territory of the warehouse complex can additionally accommodate up to 30 trucks, and it is possible to load / unload up to 10 trucks simultaneously. Our warehouse is equipped with modern technology and equipment.

We provide the following warehouse services:

  • Storage of cargos in our own Class A warehouse of 16,000 square meters
  • Assurance of 24-hour security service
  • Excise goods warehouse services
  • Control over the condition of the cargos and certification thereof
  • Individual railway branch
  • Computerized accounting and record-keeping for warehousing of cargos
  • Ensuring the necessary formalities for storage of goods in customs warehouses
  • Sorting, labelling, marking, repackaging of goods
  • Batching and marking of goods

Customs Services

Our customs brokers and filers assure a smooth customs process in line with the application submitted by the client, or alternatively they will consult and help the client to prepare for the customs procedures:

  • Customs processing of road, railway, and air cargos
  • Optimization of expenses upon payment of the customs duties and fees
  • Assistance in obtaining licences and permits from all ministries and authorities
  • Compliance with the customs procedures and regimens established in the regulatory acts
  • Tax calculations
  • Residual payment of taxes
  • Representation of client's interests in customs authorities

Cargo Carriage

Carriage by Road

We offer efficient solutions for delivery of cargos FTL , LTL and OOG cargos to/from the EU and CIS member states.

Carriage by Rail

We take care of carriage of export and import cargos by rail within the territory of the EU, CIS, and Central Asian countries:

  • Payment of the railway tariff
  • Control over cargo movement along the entire route
  • Regular container block trains between Riga and Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia
  • Independent surveyor services at loading sites and railway stations

Air and Sea Carriage

We provide transportation of goods by sea and air in / out all over the world. The company offers a FCL, LCL and OOG sea transportation of any goods, as well as transportation of various goods by air.